Empower your staff with instant insights for increased productivity

Empower your staff with instant insights for increased productivity

Smart projects require an integration between multiple components such as user experience, hardware, software, connection, etc. We work with long-term partners who coordinate seamlessly with our existing technology to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution tailored to your needs.


From our sensors to servers to client-facing touchpoints, we make use of cutting edge technology to support an integral stream processing architecture. The integration of such and deep learning video analytics converge to deliver a powerful platform for real-time delivery of insights and management tools.


Informed people make better decisions. We collect data for instant distribution, because we understand the importance of swift action. Choose how these real-time data are shared- from internal apps for staff management to external API and signages for public access- we’ll make it happen.



PowerArena was employed to kick-start a number of Smart City “Proof of Concept” trials in Kowloon East- the dedicated pilot area for Smart City development in Hong Kong. The projects include crowd management, traffic control and enhanced staff efficiency.


CCTV cameras and sensors track people density and traffic flow at key peak areas. The captured videos are then instantly transmitted through wireless communications to a secure cloud server which generates key data through advanced video analytics.


These data involve useful real-time information like transportation wait time, crowd density, congestion status and more, displayed and delivered through internal apps, external APIs and public signages.

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