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Practical AI for Smart Environments

Easy-to-integrate PowerArena comes with training, certification all the support you need to quickly help your customers benefit from smart factory and smart city applications.

Our partners include

Industrial Engineers, and factory managers and owners seeking greater efficiency and lower costs.

City Managers, urban administrators and engineers seeking traffic efficiency, operational transparency and fast emergency response.

Manufacturing Systems Integrators and resellers looking to add value for their factory and urban administrator customers.

Hardware Vendors (camera, GPU, onboard systems) seeking a killer app for their hardware.

Manufacturing Big Data Analysts who want deeper insights to improve their systems.

PowerArena and Certified Partners offer Future Smart City Applications 

PowerArena’s computer vision technology is effective for the built environment. In 2022, PowerArena will build and develop smart city applications so that people can succeed in:

  • Asset inspection (e.g. identifying problems with pipes, solar panels, rodents, etc)
  • Crown management and event detection
  • Queuing and wait time management
  • Vehicle detection and traffic analysis
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