Gogoro Employs Smart Manufacturing Solutions to Burgeon Business Development in China, India and Indonesia

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With the help of PowerArena and NTT Data, Gogoro plans on expanding manufacturing facilities for electrical motorbikes in China, India and Indonesia by 2022. Gogoro’s speed of expansion may amaze many, but for the rest in the manufacturing industry, the rate of expansion reflects the revolution that is happening with Industry 4.0.

The catalyst for this revolution? AI enhanced smart manufacturing.

At the beginning, Gogoro was unable to outsource their hardware manufacturing process. As stated by Huang, senior manager of Smart Factory Platform, “nobody wanted to do that for us”.  Gogoro had to shift strategies.  The team began to manufacture every aspect of their electrical vehicles from batteries to motors.  This challenge of developing their own manufacturing process gave Gogoro the opportunity to define a system that is enterprise leading. 

By incorporating smart manufacturing solution, Gogoro can uphold the brand’s quality while remaining efficient in costs regarding resource & energy waste. With the help of PowerArena, a startup developing image recognition AI, and NTT Data, a cloud infrastructure service, Gogoro was not alone in achieving their manufacturing goals. Gogoro is now a leader in battery swapping ecosystems that help support their urban sustainability goals.

A fresh pair of eyes, AI video monitoring. 

With 20-20 vision, AI enhanced video monitoring is the technological prodigy that is transforming the ways in which we conduct and export product manufacturing. A Gogoro Factory has, on average, 7-8 production lines, 20,000 parts and components ranging from batteries, controllers, to power amplifiers. Digitalizing this process is essential for Gogoro’s success not only at domestic manufacturing sites but foreign ones too. By digitalizing the process, language barriers are broken. Instructions can be more easily communicated, and corrections can be more easily conferred. 

It’s important to note, the nature of the moving assembly line allows for the speed and efficiency that has driven our modern world, but this 100+ year process remains systematically prone to mistakes. In our current system, workers focus on one step of the manufacturing line, not the product holistically. The result is that workers may not realize their mistakes or may not realize the mistakes performed by prior operators. Current methods of human monitoring catch mistakes too late. By the time industrial engineers or other factory personnel recognize a defective product, it may already be one out of many. 

Brilliantly, PowerArena’s visual application is the omnipresent eyes that holistically looks at the whole system while retaining a minute focus on each aspect of the assembly line. PowerArena’s AI is built with the care and expertise of people with years of experience in the smart manufacturing industry. They are intimately aware of the needs of manufacturers, that’s why Gogoro employed PowerArena to be leaders in developing their Manufacturing Execution System (“MES”) 

MES optimizes decisions on manufactures by giving real time data that tracks the transformation of materials into finished goods. MES is focused on empowering every worker’s value. It will give the data to make effective managerial decisions on how to optimize everybody’s value.  

An effective MES allows for duplication of manufacturing lines in foreign countries while maintaining an effective managerial role domestically. An internet of things provides for equipment utilization management, updates on status of lines, and effective communication to suppliers. The business development in China, Indonesia, and India would not be possible without the ability to effectively manage from a distance. 

PowerArena’s service explains why this young and upcoming company has been successful in securing clients that are worlds largest EMS manufacturers. The company, which only began in 2017, has high hopes of expanding its market into the American automobile manufacturing industry in 2022. With its high value potential, PowerArena has achieved seed funding of 3 million dollars.