From Low-Code to No-Code: An AI Democratization

By Dave Chu

From One to Zero

AI for businesses is now a necessity. Joining IoT devices and edge computing on the journey for ever-changing landscape of digital transformation. Now more than ever, businesses these days are capitalizing AI to disrupt less agile operations, giving themselves a competitive edge. The gap between businesses with and without the utilization of advance technology has been growing wider everyday.

To narrow this gap, companies had been haunting down computer scientists and engineers to kick start their own digital transformation effort. However, creating and maintaining database and operations without deep engagement of knowledge remains, a struggle. On top of that, capable talents are often outside the reign of technical business environment. It’s this very truth gave birth to the “low-code, no-code” trend.

Just a Little or None at All

Low-code, as IBM defines it, is a visual approach to software development that enables faster delivery of applications through minimal hand-coding—a rapid application development or RAD (Yes, we know…). It’s a visual environment constructed by drag-and-drop and pull-down interfaces with options for users to add code over autogenerated code.

No-Code Explained in 3 Minutes By IBM Technology

No-code, in contrary, is a completely hands-off approach, with 100% dependence on visual tools created by developers. No-code applications are ideal for straightforward UI and simple automations, and perfect for planning tools, facility management tools and BI insight report. No code requires zero knowledge about coding, which makes it perfect for businesses with vast domain knowledge.

Democratizing Technology

Manufacturing companies usually refrain from unnecessary risk base on the concern for not jeopardizing their operations. This makes them notoriously slow to adapt new technologies. Adaptation on new effort often translates into new development on technology and human resources, maintenance on operations and database and more. This transformations on platforms can only work if everything works.

Platform today needs to be intuitive and supports collaborative development. Platform with advanced technology in it’s workflow such as AI is usually quite complex when it comes to development and optimization. No-code solves this. No-code platform is built to cut off the middle man. Reducing users dependency on specialists, developers and data scientists. Turning what was once deemed as a predicament into your strategic asset.

Plug No-Code AI into Your Production

PowerArena is a no-code AI platform built for utilizing the power of AI into your manufacturing environment. Our AI lives inside your production line to help manage and visualize your operations in real-time. Gain clarity of your factory operations so you can dedicate more time in your own domain. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you to fully embrace the full potential of the value and capabilities of your operations.

Learn How No-Code AI Had Helped Global Top EMS Companies Transformed Their Business.

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