Industrial Transformation Mexico 2023 Highlights

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With nearshoring a well documented new reality of manufacturing in North America, the city of Leon welcomed back ITM Mexico this past week. The Hannover Messe show is the top destination to see the latest in smart manufacturing trends and technologies.

With that in mind PowerArena presented how computer-vision can deliver previously unimagined efficiency to assembly manufacturing and how PowerArena is the market in doing just that.

From the Leaders of Tomorrow stage both Matthew Schwieger and Javier Perez presetned to a full capacity audience. A highlight of the presentation was Javier sharing deep insights from his background as an industrial engineer and alumni of Jabil-Chihuahua. With an ability to communicate the principles behind computer-vision AI and how they apply to assembly manufacturing, the audience followed the presentation with a wide variety of questions.

From high-minded questions about the 4M1E methodology to curiosity about generative AI, the ITM audience was a key part of what made “AI Vision: A New Era for Industrial Engineers” among the more memorable presentations of 2023’s rendition of ITM Mexico.

On the show floor computer-vision AI was well represented. Adjacent to PowerArena categories like quality control and inspection had several vendors demonstrating both their hardware and software solutions. Companies PowerArena has transnational relationships with, such as Advantech and Bosch Rexroth, received an incredible volume of attention from attendees. With the leadership of A3 Mexico, PowerArena was grateful for the opportunity to present the foundations of computer-vision AI for assembly manufacturing as well as demonstrate our very applications.

All told, PowerArena left Leon with new connections made with engineers looking to create more efficient processes on their lines and workstations. We look forward to seeing everyone again next October at ITM Mexico 2024.