Real-time insights to your shop floor


Send us your video streams through CCTV cameras or webcams, and we’ll turn it into your eye in the sky. Monitor work sequences and the effectiveness of your machines and workers with analytics powered by our deep learning AI technology.


Uncover the reasons for poor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on your shop-floor. PowerArena observes and visualise operations over an extended period of time to determine the why behind the what. Time to lift the curtains.


With human labour, there is only so much one can accurately monitor and observe. PowerArena works constantly to multiply the effectiveness of such labour and results tracked with high accuracy.


Leo Paper Group is one of the biggest printing companies in China with more than 15,000 workers. Among their many production processes, hot stamp machine is one of the biggest bottleneck. They are now using PowerArena on their hot stamp process to observe and alert abnormal situations in real time. To further improve the OEE, they also PowerArena data for root cause analysis.

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