PowerArena shares its AI application with Advantech

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Advantech interviews PowerArena

Advantech, a world leader in industrial computers and IoT intelligent systems, held an online forum with NVIDIA exploring how the industry could adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their daily operations. 

As part of the forum, Harold Cheng, PowerArena’s Business Development Director, had the pleasure of speaking with Ray Ji from Advantech on how PowerArena uses AI to collect data and analyze human factors in production lines to optimize its flow, further improving line efficiency. 

“Previously, production data was collected by industrial engineers (IE) manually” ,mentioned Cheng, “With PowerArena’s application, they can now collect them automatically in real time. With the data, they can visualize line bottlenecks. For IE, they can quickly identify bottlenecks as well as backtrack to the time/workstation in question.”

What makes it hard for AI to collect production line data is that every product, procedure and workstation is different from the other, and the AI training process is usually time-consuming. When asked about how PowerArena helps clients to quickly deploy their AI application in factories, Cheng mentioned that PowerArena assists manufacturing sites to standardize their operations. After standardizing line procedures, clients can easily build their own AI model suitable for their production lines. “To begin with, we turned our tool into a no-code platform, you are able to use it even if you don’t know anything about coding,” said Cheng, “as long as you have domain knowledge, you don’t have to be a data scientist to build an AI model. We call this function ‘Build Your Own AI’”

PowerArena appreciates the opportunity to speak with Advantech, a leader in the industry that is also one of our partnering companies. To learn more about the forum, please click here, you may also watch the interview below, or click here.