PowerArena and Mighty Net Demo Day

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Delivering a startups’ success from 1 to 100, Mighty Net is a R&D company experienced in providing hardware innovation from design verification, pilot run, mass production, and international marketing. 

On January 12, 2022, Might Net held a Demo Day to showcase the achievements of the 2021 fiscal year. 6 new startups in the Smart Manufacturing industry pitched their products on stage. This seminar was an opportunity to provide advice and exchange various developments occurring in software and hardware integration. Yao Wenjun, spokesman of FSP, Xu Zhongming, senior consultant of AAEON, Wang Junqi, director of Smart IoT Business Division of Yaoqun Technology, and Li Yanshu, founder of Beehang Capital were a few of the many experts in the field that were invited to speak.

PowerArena is honored to be selected as a promising new company for our AI smart manufacturing solutions. We were given the opportunity to share our solutions for EMT manufacturing with the panelists and attendees. 

PowerArena’s AI automatically collects production line data. Compared to previous methods of manual imputation by Industrial Engineers, our method is comprehensive and objective. Yao Wenjun, spokesman for FSP, responded by asking whether PowerArena’s application meant the replacement of Industrial Engineers? Our response, personnel is still required to implement our data solutions into the real world. Our goal is to not replace personnel, but make their work more valuable. 

Xu Zhongming, senior consultant of AAEON, positively reacted to our developments. He believes that our application is suitable for SMT machines, as current pain points often result from the incorrect replacing of parts.

After the panel sessions, PowerArena opened up a booth for one-to-one conversations to discuss and exchange ideas in more detail.