PowerArena to the Automotive Industry

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PowerArena made sure to hit the road before the end of the year by attending back-to-back conventions: Southtec in Greenville, SC and SEMA/AAPEX in Las Vegas, NV. Despite attracting different audiences, feedback from meetings and conversations shared a common refrain: “we haven’t seen this level of technology before” and “we need this now.” From smart manufacturing executives to quality obsessed sales leaders, PowerArena gained a “word of mouth” status all the way back to headquarters around the world.

The booming metro of Greenville/Spartanberg serves as a fitting host for Southtec. With several Fortune 500 companies with manufacturing facilities in the area, this allowed PowerArena to demo in-person to engineering and quality executives at their offices. While at the trade show “quality control” was top of mind for several reasons. With an interest in growing margins by reducing after-sale quality issues, PowerArena was quickly seen as an obvious solution. Quality related issues plague manufacturers and are largely preventable. We’re amazed at the diversity of industries looking for next-generation technology to address quality issues. That said, we’re pleased to have met so many future clients at Southtec.

In Las Vegas at the sprawling SEMA/AAPEX shows, staying ahead of technology was more than a conversation starter. With labor shortages and costs of goods increasing, major automotive manufacturers were keen to discover advanced technologies. Going beyond lean manufacturing and integrating computer-vision AI into the factory proved to be a priority area identified during the Covid shutdowns. Born out of a desire to not be hamstrung by labor and supply, one battery manufacturing executive called PowerArena “the best way to make the most of the moment while increasing revenues by way of a new AI technology.”

This whirlwind concluded PowerArena’s in-person conventions for 2021 in a big way. With a post-Covid world coming into focus, attention is keenly focused on margins and revenues. New technologies are a key to delivering this value and PowerArena is exactly what manufacturing executives have been looking for. Beyond jargon and Industry 4.0 generationalizations, PowerArena is bringing one-of-its-kind computer-vision AI to American automotive at a rapid pace.