Sparklabs Taipei Event at Hsinchu Science Park


Sparklabs Taipei is a program set up to accelerate the growth of Taiwan’s startups. It is dedicated to helping Taiwan startups with the highest global market potential in reaching its true capacity.  At PowerArena, we are humbled to be part of Sparklabs Taipei’s batch 5 startups.

Recently, Sparkslabs hosted the first ever forum “Smart manufacturing and the New Transformation, a Digital Wave for Businesses” at Hsinchu Science Park. PowerArena along with six other promising startups were invited to participate. Our team is honored to have been among renowned industry executives of scientific and technological expertise in this opportunity to exchange ideas on the intersections of technology and business. 

[Photo/Provided by Sparklabs Taipei, far left Ambrose Huang, Director of the Career Development Center of DIGITIMES General Manager Office, middle left Eric Wu, Deputy General Manager of Wistron Enterprise Investment Office, far right Edgar Chiu, founder of Sparklabs Taipei , middle right PowerArena Business Development Director Harold Cheng]

Wistron, a Taiwanese multiservice IT company, has been a forerunner in the digital transformation age. Their Vice President Mr. Wu, insightfully pointed out in the forum a shift in companies’ viewpoints towards digital transformation. Businesses, who were initially seeing it as a mere business opportunity, are finally recognizing the necessity of the change. 

At PowerArena, we strongly agree. The introduction of AI is an inevitable part of digital transformation. Data scientists are required to effectively implement AI. However, in our current market, data scientists are a limited resource scooped away by large, high paying companies. The average business is struggling to keep up with the resource scarce labour market.  Many companies, like Wistron, choose to cooperate with startups like PowerArena to resolve this issue of scarcity. At Wistron, PowerArena helps provide AI services to its Kunshan and Hsinchu Factory. Wistron is an example of how businesses can utilize AI, without necessarily facing the burdens of doing it themselves.

“Incorporating AI will have many difficulties. In order to accelerate the entire AI landing process, you must evaluate and divide the difficulties into several workable aspects” said PowerArena Director Zheng. This granular approach to AI is essential for companies to introduce AI tools into their operations and factory management. We must create clearly defined, quantified goals in the deployment of PowerArena’s technology. Users must participate in the entire process. At PowerArena, our clients are not only given the technology but the knowledge and understanding that comes with it. Clients should understand the AI that they employ, so that customers can succeed in the Top Down or Bottom Up transformations of their manufacturing line. If clients understand only a single aspect of the entire system, then the AI landing process will ultimately fail. 

In the forum, Director Huang asked about PowerArena’s client policy. Director Cheng underscored the importance that companies’ attitudes match with PowerArena’s approach to AI incorporation. “We hope to find customers that are experiencing pain points in the manufacturing line that PowerArena can provide solutions for. If customers are excited to cooperate, then PowerArena will find the way to achieve success,” Zheng outlined. 

[Photo / Provided by Sparklabs Taipei]

At one point, Canner, GRAID Technology, Kneron, Slasify, Smart Tag, Yean Technology, and PowerArena were all invited to the forum stage to share the application of their technology. 

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