SOP Assistant

In manufacturing, whether it be electronic manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, medical devices manufacturing or other types of manufacturing, there is one thing that they all spend a lot of effort in, that is, quality.

Each site has different protocols and methods on quality control and management, one of the common approaches is to introduce AOI systems or AI. And with PowerArena’s SOP Assistant, we focus on the process rather than the final product inspection, we need to look at those process because even if a procedure is skipped, most of the time, it is not visible on the final product.

Most of the production lines have a set of Standard Operating Procedures, and under many circumstances, if not operated accordingly, there will be an issue upon quality.

SOP compliance has been a bottleneck for many in labor intensive operations, for it was very hard to track every workstation 24/7 and monitor if all steps are followed accordingly.

By integrating the standardized procedures with our AI, manufacturing sites are able to monitor the production in real-time, and issue an alert when it detects any procedures aren’t followed accordingly.

SOP Assistant also collects granular data enabling plants to further study the data and conduct root cause analysis.

With this tool, it nudges operators and helps them consistently produce high quality products. Click here to read the case study on how a garment manufacturer uses SOP Assistant to improve their quality.