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At PowerArena, we continued to work with global manufacturing leaders to optimize their operation and enable digital transformation.

For businesses to stay competitive, they must continue to innovate.

Labor-intensive industries can boost productivity with new data analytics

Without a doubt, the pandemic put the world to the test, especially for labor-intensive manufacturing corporations. According to the McKinsey Report, there are three long-standing issues for labor-intensive industries:

  • Unpredictable day-to-day attendance
  • Above-average turnover
  • Mismatches in skills

Some companies have adopted digital and analytic tools in solving these issues. For example, in terms of turnover and variation in attendance, companies have turned to dynamic scheduling and algorithmic staffing. When it comes mismatched skills there are multiple solutions. Firstly, companies can narrow skill gaps by identifying stations that are the easiest. Secondly, they can train workers in advance through captured videos. Finally, companies can use use analytics to identify operations that people are weak at and enhance training accordingly. At PowerArena, we are able to provide AI data analytics to achieve these solutions.

Don’t just recover, win.

The status quo is no longer an option. The Bain study shows that about 20% of the companies used this recovery period [post-pandemic] as an opportunity to test, learn and innovate. Above all, they recognized the value of data in manufacturing can no longer be overlooked.

Updates at PowerArena

We improved our products by making it more flexible. With BYOAI, end-users may now apply and create their own AI model, even without any knowledge in coding.

In the US, we started working with transportation departments and agencies on smart city applications.

We were invited to speak at Advantech’s online forum:

Happening now: PowerArena takes part in InnoVEX online: